I currently live in Mallorca, Spain. Since 1995 I am painter of air brush, aerosol.caligrafia-art letter.acrilico.waterculours…e.t.c. With other painters, I make reproductions, litgraphies of different sizes and artistic postcards,of watercolours and air brush. In 2000 I started painting watercolors, landscapes of Spain and with two other painters I made my first collection of watercolor liters. For the next few years I expanded my collection with my 20 new drawings from the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Currently I paint calligraphy, names with artistic lyrics.,and I print sublimade,my pictures on different materials. All my paintings, original and litrographed, are on sale on my websites.
Goran Sevo
my contacts are: Email: bonisevooo@yahoo.es Phone: +34 609 636013 (whatsapp, viber) Reservations and payments can be made  through bank transfers, credit cards, paypal,paygold,bizum.. bonisevooo@yahoo.es bonisevooo@gmail.com.
About me
original souvenirs from Mallorca
magic wallet
other paintings
air brush-aerosol
AIR BRUSH-AEROSOL,REPRODUCION-LITROGRAFIA                    CALIGRAFIA-NAMES,ART LETTER-NOMBRES                    SIZE-MEDIDA-8*10cm-magic wallet                DIFERENTES MEDIDAS-SIZES                                                             DIFERENTES MEDIDAS-SIZES MARCO-FRAME-OPCIONAL                                                                MARCO-FRAME OPCIONAL
air brush-paint-with relieve 3D sand air brush-pintura-con relieve 3D de arena mak & friends